Tuesday, June 19, 2012

End of Year Reflection – Greatest High School Achievement

My greatest achievement from the past two years was finishing this year’s school yearbook. Even though I have helped create and complete two yearbooks at this school, to me this year’s yearbook was different. I feel that this is my best and greatest achievement, because I tried and completed my tasks most of the time. I also went around to all the houses and put in extra work to raise money. I also hit a bump in the road when I did not want to do anything, put my teacher did not give up on me and keep pushing me till I got things done. In the end this incident has changed me to become a better worker and organizer. I am proud of my work on this year’s yearbook.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Portfolio - Future

 I feel that my future will be great, I am prepared for what might come, and I have people to lean on when I need to. Some of my goals for my future is to study at Humboldt State University, to become a Wildlife Biologist. To own a Ninja motorcycle and a one story house. To be in a stable relationship with a man or woman that I can trust. Have a couple of pets and be able to not worry about bills. Some of my previous experiences prepared me for my goals it that San Pasqual Academy teaching me independent life skills. Volunteering at an animal shelter also applying for Blue Apple Ranch a horse and animal rescue. I have also been in relationships that were not so great and that was not qualified to be a healthy relationship. To reach my goals I must continue to do good in all my classes, work with animals, and work on my savings skills. The people that will help me achieve my goals include my staff, Tia Moore, Ms.Priester, and other teachers. I do believe that I will achieve my goals because I am focused and when I want something I try my all to get it. People say that I have a lot of potential in life and that I am a strong independent woman. With all that people have said I do believe that my future is bright. 

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Personal Changes Blog Paragraph

When I was a freshman, I was kicked out of most my classes and got on restriction almost every day. Now, I am a responsible student and barely get on restriction. For example, Ms.Priester used to kick me out of her class every day because I would say inappropriate things. This shows that I was rude and didn't care about teachers, that I was disrespectful. This also shows that I have changed a lot since than because of the fact that when conferences come she says that I am good student and she is glad to have me in class. In addition, my staff gave up on giving my restriction because I would never listen to it anyways. This shows that I was rude and I didn't care about my actions. This also shows that now when my staff puts me on restriction for more than a day she takes off most of the days because I handle my restriction well most of the times. By my senior year, I hope to be ready for an independent life where I know when I do something wrong.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trayvon Martin Paragraph

C. Explain the meaning of the statement ,"We are all Trayvon Martin." (hard)

By saying "We are all Trayvon Martin" is saying that he is just another person. He is like me and like you, just people who are walking around are Tratvon Martin. No matter what race, religion, skin color, and gender he was just another person that lived on this earth. When the many people stated that meaningful words, it also meant that it could have been any of us who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. Trayvon was just the unlucky soul who was there at the wrong time, but it could have been a kid like me and an adult like my teachers, either way it would still have effected us all as it did. He was killed by a racist man, but everyone knows there are a lot of racist people, and that anyone could be killed at any moment. It means a lot to many people when it is understood that "We are all Trayvon Martin".

Thursday, May 24, 2012

SPA Policy Blog Paragraph

One policy that I wish could be changed is that they will not let me be nude in my own house. Currently, this policy states that no student is allowed to run around naked in their own home. One reason it should be changed is because I live, sleep, eat, and use the bathroom in my house therefore I should be able to be naked in my own home. Also, it gets very hot in my house to the point where anyone would want to be naked. If this policy was changed, I would be very happy and take on the responsibility of having clothes on at the right time.